West Park, Florida

Ivan is a crook and everything that comes out his mouth his a lie. My word of advice....STAY VERY FAR from this dealer and dealership.

Located @ 3249 S State Rd 7. Went to the dealership on 3 occasions, test drove the car seemed perfect, spoke to him about the price, downpayment, everything was good. He brought out a big file with a bunch of papers for me to sign, with everything already highlighted. He pointed out the agreed monthly payment and my agreed downpayment (the only 2 things correct on the paperwork) A few days later the engine starts to smoke and i realize that he put a higher price for the car in the paperwork, so my $4000 didn't go to the downpayemnt, it went to his pocket!.

NOW, I'm out $4,000 a high interest rate loan and a car that needs a lot of repairs. People like him should be in jail!

This reviewer shared experience about "just deceitful" and wants this business to issue a partial refund as the author lost $22000. This person is overall dissatisfied with Premium Cars. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I was sold a car that not only blew a head gasket within 7 days but also they altered the paper work and charged me $10,000 more than they told they were and I didn't Kno until the loan company contacted me and advised me that I was being charged 10,000 more than expected and also double the the months of payments that I discussed with them at the time of purchasin the vehicle.at the current time I am taking them to court to pursue my money back

to Gary #1401315

I've taken them to court also and guess who not winning. They stole my trade in car and took the car they made me take.

Leaving me with no car.

All within a month time and tried to say I didn't make a payment damn right I didn't make a payment because I didn't approve of the loan. They even forged my name on the paperwork.


i agree with you 100 per cent he is very dangers person big time liar stay way of that place


They are pieces of ***

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